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For Amazon FBA Sellers

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Whether you are based in the US, Canada, or abroad, Shipux is ready to provide you with professional FBA Prep and Ship services for your Amazon FBA business.

Let us help you grow your business with our specialized FBA Prep Service.

Close to the US / Canada border for US and International sellers who want cost-effective shipping. This could be the solution you need to begin profitably selling FBA to or from Canada

Online Arbitrage Sellers

Don’t fall for the high prices that FBA Prep Services in tax-free states charge. Our low prices will have a Positive Impact on your profit margins. You are the expert in sourcing. Shipux is the expert in FBA prep. Outsource your Prep and Shipping work to Shipux so you can focus on the things that make you the most money. Click HERE to start making more money on your OA purchases.


Shipux is the logistics expert that you need on your team. We can handle even the largest of orders from your suppliers. We are able to receive and store your products in our climate-controlled facility until you are ready to ship them to Amazon. Save money on storage fees with Shipux. 
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Private Label

Importers - Shipux is strategically located near the shipping ports in Chicago, as well as one of the busiest cargo airports in the US. We make it EASY to get your products to our facility.
Shipux is ready to handle all of your importing needs. Let us help you get set up - Click HERE.

For International Amazon FBA Sellers

 Whether you are:
- Importing from overseas or across the border in Canada
- Purchasing pallets ot truckloads of Wholesale Merchandise
- Buying online arbitrage (OA) inventory

Shipux is the FBA Prep Service expert you need on your team.

We will receive - inspect - warehouse - Prep your items and coordinate your Inbound FBA Shipping plans.

You remain fully involved and informed throughout the process with our modern and easy to understand User Interface. Receive updates and make changes in real time. Shipux has the infrastructure in place to handle the FBA Prep Service needs of even the largest Amazon FBA sellers.

Fill out the form below to get started. Onboarding is straightforward, and we have someone ready to walk you through the process.

In addition, Shipux offers multiple levels of service for International buyers and sellers.
We will provide you with a FREE US address for shipping your personal purchases from US websites. Shipux will store your items, consolidate them, and ship them to you anywhere in the world when you are ready to receive them.

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Shipux Pricing

Our affordable pricing structure is simple FBA Prep Service.

The first 500 items prepped (in a calendar month) - $1.00 per item
Every additional item prepped (in a calendar month)- $0.75 per item
Bundles and multipacks - $1.75 each (up to 6 items)
More than 6 items in a bundle/multipack - Call for price
Receive or Ship Pallet - $10 each

Inspection of items (no prep) - Request a Quote

Large volume sellers may benefit from our subscription billing plan.
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